November 11, 2009

Wednesday Playlist: Gratitude

Yesterday I was intent on making a playlist to celebrate Veterans Day, but then I realized I didn't really know many songs to use for that theme. So what was I really trying to say? I pondered that on my ride into work where I was presented with a flat tire. I have had a lot of a little bumps in the road lately. I notice they become more frequent when I am not practicing gratitude and thanks.

That is exactly what I wanted to express for Veterans Day is thanks. Regardless of what I feel about current wars or situations I will always be thankful that they're people willing to put their lives on the line. So I thank those who are willing and will work harder to incorporate being thankful daily for all that I have and for all the burdens I am free of. Some of the songs are a little silly but in my mind being thankful means celebrating and letting go. Be silly.

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