February 26, 2010

Birthday 2010 Playlist

It's my birthday, number 33! I thought about doing some heartfelt post but I think I covered that a few weeks ago. Instead enjoy this crazy eclectic playlist. Rob Zombie, Social Distortion, The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Altered Images, Tegan and Sara, and so many more...

Some songs not safe for work.

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February 19, 2010

"I Get to Run Today!" or "How I Discovered I am in a Cardio Music Rut!"

I was sick last week and in an effort to heal I over-extended my rest period. I skipped Aerial Yoga on Sunday morning and was content to lay in bed and read all day. However I am reading "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall and it's really hard to stay sluggish when you're reading about amazing Ultra Marathon runners who consider a 20 mile run on the weekend the equivalent of a rest-day. Then on page 112 I realized what I have been missing about running. It's a gift. I actually get to run. I have a body that has strength and ability. Just a few days prior I was in bed with covers over my head and a temperature of 101.4. Then miraculously a few days later I was fine. The only thing stopping me from running was my own head.

So I got dressed, grabbed a light lunch and then went to the gym. I wasn't sure I was ready to run outside so stuck with the treadmill. The previous week I made it to running 5 minutes with a break. February is my month to work on endurance so I figured six minutes was a good goal. However, when I got going it felt great. At six minutes I decided to go to seven and then ultimately I went for thirteen. I still have a lot of work to do and a great ways to go before the Mini Duathlon in May. However I have learned the key and that is to smile while I run, embrace every moment because I am lucky enough to have the ability.

Of course, I also discovered my rocking mix on the iPod helped too. I will have to ween myself off of music for the race but in the mean time it makes a huge difference to my cardio performance. Running for "one more song" is a lot more fun than running for "one more minute". That next song hits you and you just keep going.

Then I got on the treadmill the next day but the same mix didn't have the same effect. I was bored with it already. I went to my iTunes and it just overwhelmed me. I began going to the staples and that's not what I need right now. I need different! Then I realized after reading a bunch of tweets I am not alone; Others are in this rut. So I invite you to shake it up and exchange music with me and others (if you choose).

Here's the guidelines:

  • Email me at thecupcake@mycupcakemafia.com by February 26 and let me know if you want to do a one-on-one exchange with me or a group exchange.

  • If it's just you and me, I make a mix, you make a mix, we mail them to each other easy peasy.

  • If you're interested in a group exchange you make a mix and burn "x" number of copies and send them to me. I will let you know the number of copies the week of March 1. Then when I receive all the copies I will package them all up and send them back out to each person who submitted a mix. You could end up with a lot of new mixes to keep you motivated.

That's it! Pretty simple and a fun way to shake up your spring training :) Keep moving, keep smiling! Be amazing!

February 16, 2010

New Ways to Help The Women's Wilderness Institute

I promise I will resume non-Gear and Cheer posts after this but I couldn't miss an opportunity to tell you about two awesome ways to help The Women's Wilderness Institute.

Buy Yourself a Shirt!
Whether you want to display your CupcakeMafia pride or show everyone that "Climbing is for Dirty Girls" (or Boys) now is the time to make a purchase from my Gear store. For every item purchased between now and March 31 I will donate $1 to The Women's Wilderness Insitute.

Check out my items at Zazzle

and Cafe Press

Register a Group to Attend Gear and Cheer 2010 in Boulder
Early bird tickets are only $30!!! This includes entertainment, sampling of food and beverages (including BEER!), and an opportunity to bid on great gear and local merchandise while supporting TWWI. CLICK TO REGISTER!

Even better if you register six people by February 28 you all members of the group will be entered in a drawing to win this awesome Arc'teryx Pack! The pack valued at $459! Drawing will take place between March 1-3. Click the image for more details on the pack.

February 4, 2010

Why do I do it?

It has been brought to my attention by one mister Martin Pribble (aka @martinpribble) and a few other people that I am busy. Really busy, maybe too busy. As of late my life has been filled up with preparing for the Duathlon in May but more importantly I have been working on Gear and Cheer. This will be my third year involved with the event and my first year as official Event Chair and liaison for The Women's Wilderness Institute's Board of Directors.

If you're unfamiliar with the event it is an amazing silent auction in the Boulder that raises money for the Girl's Programs and Trauma Survivor Programs of The Women's Wilderness Institute. The money raised allows for scholarships and financial aid to those who may otherwise miss out on these opportunities at confidence and strength building.

Last year when I wrote about Gear and Cheer and TWWI I focused on how their unique teaching style truly appeals to women and girls by teaching in a challenging yet nurturing environment. I am thrilled to have learned to climb with the organization but it wasn't until I joined the Board that I discovered something amazing that came from the courses. I was empowered after my time in TWWI programs. After learning to climb I was able to go off on my own and climb some more. I knew when to seek more help to advance but also I have the foundation to go on my own.

The TWWI mission is this:
The Women's Wilderness Institute (TWWI) is a nonprofit organization with the mission of strengthening the courage, confidence, and leadership qualities of girls and women, through the support and challenge of wilderness- and community-based experiences.

After reflecting on this statement and all that I have taken away I am so proud to be on the Board and continuing to make this mission a reality. If other women and girls have an experience as amazing as mine then I know we're doing something right. So this is why I do it. This is why I stay busy. When something helps you transform your life you want to share it with others and keep it alive.

If you're in the Boulder/Denver area I invite you to join us at our Carnivale-themed Gear and Cheer on March 27 at The Spot in Boulder. Early bird tickets are only $30 and include food and beverage sampling, entertainment, and an opportunity to bid on some amazing gear and merchandise.

If you're interested in our programs visit the website for more details or request a catalog by contacting Lori Mathews at 303.938.9191.