Make A Wish!

Mary, Tali, Lynn, and Hazel the littlest cupcake
Once again the folks at the Oyster Race put together an amazing race. Since there are still other races in progress I won't get too detailed as to not spoil anything. What I will say is we got wet, handled fish, got messy with finger paint, rocked some yoga poses, ate a donut, tried out our slingshot skills, square danced and solved some mysteries! We covered about 25 miles on foot and bike throught the Denver area. 

Unfortunately I had two ribs out of place during the course of the race. It really slowed me down. Not only on race day but during training as well. I learned a valuable lesson not to tough it out through that kind of pain and to get help. The ribs are now back in place and training is on for the next two races in October. While I really wish I took better care of myself for my teammates sake I am also happy to have such amazing teammates that were supportive and happy just to finisht he race and have a great time. 

In the process of preparing for the race we exceed our biggest goal and that was to raise $5,000 for the Colorado Chapter of Make a Wish Foundation. We in fact rasied $8,300 which is about the cost of two whole wishes. We were over the moon with all the support and help our friends and family gave us. I have to give a big mention to my teammate Lynn's knitting community. They really came through in a big way! Donors that were entered in the prize drawing have been notified if they won an item from the drawing. Special thanks to prAna and Made for Grace for their sponsorship for the drawing. 

Thank you all again for your support. We can't wait to race again next year and to continue to support Make a Wish Foundation! If you want to continue to support Make a Wish you can purchase a Team Cupcake Mafia shirt here.