July 20, 2011

The Sweetest Perfection

perfect [adjective, pur-fikt]
exactly fitting the need in a certain situation or for a certain purpose.

Often when we think of the perfect moments of our lives, they're times filled with bliss, joy, happiness. Though last night on my bike ride home, I found perfection in a new way. I have been going through a lot of stuff lately. I won't get into the details because they're not important. What is important is how I have been feeling. Quite simply, I have been feeling "less than", "Not enough", and as though I may have taken some wrong turns. 

As I rode home, the clouds had begun to move in and then the rain, hail, thunder and lightening followed. I was soaked, cold, my skin was turning a bit red and puffy. Just as I began to curse yet one more bad decision to be on my bike in a storm, I rode under a bridge. The bridge was a temporary haven for three people who looked like they were without a home or stability. I suddenly felt like I got the big old wake up call from the universe, you know the temper tantrum kind rather than the whispery sweet kind. I hadn't been listening. 

I was so worried about what I don't have that I couldn't see all the amazing things I do have. In that moment I was so worried about getting from point a to point b that I hadn't stopped to recognize that I had the luxury of point b. 

The part of yoga that I have always loved is the spaces in between. Learning to thrive when you're not quite in the darkness or the light. It was in that very physical manifestation of the space in between work and home last night that I woke up. I realized that some things aren't happening for me in the way or in the amount of time that I would prefer, but I am still on the path and the stability and opportunities in my life have been taken for granted. 

Time to push forward, recognize the perfection in that moment, the way everything came together to last night to serve a certain purpose, to remind me to trust my training, my motivation, my path. 

Have you ever experienced this form of perfection? Have you had the universe deliver you a perfect combination of signs and physical manifestations in order to teach or unveil?

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