September 29, 2011

Cupcake Wants! aka The Autumn/Fall Wish List!

I am moving this weekend. My desire to move was fueled by my desire to simplify my life. I will be five miles from work able to bike majority of the time and to use the bus when the snow is too packed. I will be close to everything I need as far as grocers and other stores. I will be central to all the yoga studios I  teach at as well as minutes away from the foothills for beautiful hikes, climbing and snowshoeing.

However, autumn and winter bike commuting always has it's own challenges. You need the right layers and gear to stay comfy but when commuting it's not just comfort that matter. I like to invest in items that are good for winter hiking and snowshoeing so flexibility is key. Riding to work or errands or outings also mean you want to look good too. Here are a few items on my wish list to help me stay comfortable and cute.

Women's Crystal Mountain Waterproof Tall Lace Boot
If you can have a crush on shoes, I have one. These boots have a Smart Wool footbed which means cozy and breathable! I love the tall height for full coverage when keeping the feet and legs warm and dry. With the Durable Green Rubber footbed you know you're getting the quality you expect from Timberland while getting the benefit of 42% recycled material. Also they're ridiculously cute. My only dilema choosing color. Do I get the pink and brown or the black and grey!

Cascadia Bike Fenders
My Specialized Vita Sport is a great little hybrid. Comfortable, good speed, super light. My only complaint is the splashy mess I get when riding on wet terrain. One way to cut back on the mess is to add some fenders. I have my eye on this pair, the Speedex Hybrid. They light, made for all-weather climates (so needed in Colorado) and they have little mudflaps!

Yogo Mat
Without the righ bag or pannierres on your bike it can be difficult to ride with a yoga mat, they're just not compact. One item I can not wait to try out is the new Yogo Mat from YogoSport. This mat will be available in December and rolls into a compact size that can fit in a bag or larger purse. I can't wait to see how it does for my teaching and studio practice!  Visit to sign-up for notification when the mats are available.

prAna Parfait Jacket
I love simplistic style with an edge and this jacket has just that! I love the angles and non-frilly feminine design. Not only does the jacket look good but it's insulated and water-resistant. prAna is known for their quality and social activism so I always feel good supporting them. This jacket must be mine.

I am sure I could go on for pages on items I love. For now, these are the top four on my list. What do you have your eye on/


Katie said...

Those boots are amazing!! Great find, Tali, and congrats on the move :)

Tali said...

Thanks Katie, When I first saw them I thought I would drool. Literally.

Meredith LeBlanc said...

ooooo, my likey that jacket!


Lisa said...

On my screen they are a gorgeous raspberry. Definitely get those boots!

Tali said...

Meredith I think it would be awesome if they had a matching jacket for Scarlet!

Thanks Lisa!I usually gravitate to black and grey but those boots are soooo awesome in the raspberry! said...

Just one question, can I move in? lol (and btw, Smartwool inserts? Had no idea such awesomeness existed.)