April 25, 2012

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

Bittersweet farewell! 
In my yoga classes this week I have been talking a lot about how it is that we create our own world and that's exactly what happen when I began this blog three years ago. I made amazing friends, had the opportunity to test out a lot of products and go on some incredible adventures.

At the time I began this blog my life was different. I was a girl with a day job and a passion for the outdoors, a passion to get people outdoors. I am still that girl. However, I am also now a girl who loves teaching yoga and a Velocity Vamp (aka freelance consultant). My life has shifted, my responsibilities have evolved. I have become so focused on helping other people make their dreams come true because I know it can happen, it happened for me when I began Cupcake Mafia.

Yet, lately, I have also been talking a lot about the obstacles we make for ourselves, the things that pull us back to where we were, rather than where we're going. The obstacles are often time an illusion, not really there, but we let them hold gravity for us.

For me, Cupcake Mafia has become a bit of an obstacle. It's something that I love and such a huge part of my character but lately I find the post ideas I have don't resonate with the container I've created around Cupcake Mafia. I find myself coming up with thoughts and experiences I want to share and they're "just not right for Cupcake Mafia".

I find myself teary-eyed as I write this post. It's hard to let go, it's hard to say goodbye. Yes, it's only a blog and it doesn't mean I won't be writing other places, but this blog came at the beginning of a time in my life where I found my own way, quit makes excuses, blaming others and took control of my own life and happiness.

So I thank you all for being here with me. Whether you've been here the whole time or just recently discovered this little corner of the internet you have been an important part of my life.

I will continue on Twitter as CupcakeMafia, after all, who else could fit that handle? I will also leave the blog up. I will not be posting further but the archives will be available and I may some tweet about them from time to time. If you want to stay up to-date on my doings, of course there is twitter. You can also visit my yoga site, Urban Asana and my consulting site, Momentum and Moxie.

Thank you so much! It's been so fun and I am honored to have been a part of your life.



Elizabeth said...

Aw, such mixed emotions with this, I'm sure. I've enjoyed reading your insights on this blog, but it sounds like it's time to move on.

I'll check out your other sites, and I'll see you in the twittersphere. :)

Lynn said...

Hey, Tali, I loved your blog and I'm sad to see you leave, but I'll be sure to check out your other writing projects.

Keep writing!