July 13, 2009

I'm a Bug Lover

It's true. I love Petzl's Bug Bag. I wanted this bag because it was designed for single day multi-pitch climbing. I knew this meant it would have a low profile, be light in weight, as well as comfortable and durable. While multi-pitch is in my future I wanted a bag that would allow me to ride my bike with my gear to meet up with others and allow me to haul all that I need up rough approaches. I am pleased to say the Bug delivers.

I took my Bug out on an Independence Day climbing adventure to North Table Mountain/Golden Cliff in Golden, Colorado. I managed to pack (pictured at the right) my harness, belay device, PAS, Chalk bag, climbing shoes, three 30' sections of webbing, a few slings, biners, and 11 quickdraws into the Bug. In addition I had three sets of printed routes (in the hidden back compartment), my IPhone, some snacks, hydration bladder, rain jacket (secured with a side compression strap), helmet (secured to the daisy chain in front) and rope (secured with bottom straps). It is almost comical how all these items fit into the small pack, kind of like thirty clowns in a tiny car.

While compact the gear is still going to be heavy, especially on my 5'2" frame. However the bags shoulder straps were easy to adjust to allow that weight to disperse evenly and comfortably. In the past when I have fit this gear into a traditional backpacking pack I have had the turtle issue. The weight doesn't always disperse well and with areas when I need my balance most the old school packs work against me. The Bug really works in my favor for managing the weight of my gear as well as fitting close to the body. I even took my gear for a spin on the bike and yes, it is possible, just make sure the rope ends are secured.

I recommend this bag for anyone who wants something compact, light, and roomy for their climbing gear. Go ahead, love the Bug.


icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

Hey this looks great!

So, I'm seriously looking into getting a bike for the school year. I have six miles to travel each day and I feel like it's going to be way more manageable and time efficiant to do it on a bike. I'd really like to get a Madsen, but they are 1200 dollars. Jay says that he's not opposed to it, but he'd sort of like to know it's goign to work out first. Do you have any suggestions? Whatever I get, I'll need to put a trailer on for the girls to be in. I'll be on city streets too.

I feel very nervous about this.

The final straw for me was when I had to designate where I'd pick Bunny up. I can't ever change it. And for walking... should I drive... I will need to park (which is a nearly impossible task.) The stress of doing this several times a day on a regular basis isn't worth it.

Nina said...

OOOH! Is there a port for the water bladder hose? I'm looking for a multipitch bag solution so this review is so timely! So far the only contender is the Camelback Mule...

Tali said...

Hey Nina! Yes! It has a port for the hose. It's really the perfect bag!

Zimb said...

Great usefull description of a well designed and usefull product. Finding a bag that will work for multipitch is hard. Petzl did a great job on designing one to do just that.

To bad you can'T find that bag in Montréal! .. I really need to move to the west coast! ...

Have a great one!