April 22, 2010

The Crafty Cupcake Celebrates Earth Day

While a lot of people celebrate Earth Day by cleaning parks, planting trees, and other awesome outdoor activities we were faced with thunderstorms today. So I figured crafting with recycled materials would be a good way to celebrate indoors. I have been working on three projects and I would love to share them with you.

The first is a yoga mat bag made of from old Cargo pants. I came across this pattern at Vegetarian Frugal Housewife. I fell in love with the bag because it was simple yet features a pocket perfect for keys, phone, and a debit card or cash. While I didn't have any pants at home that fit the bill I found these pants at the thrift store. With the addition of a simple piece of pink webbing I have an awesome new Yoga Mat Bag and it took 40 minutes to make.

The next project was inspired by an awesome pair of leg warmers I saw last weekend at a yoga class. I may eventually knit a pair but for these I cut the sleeves from a sweater, made a casing for elastic using some interlock fabric, and added two inch elastic. The sleeve cuffs made the perfect bottom and they fit well. They will be great for early more yoga practice when it's still cold.

The next projects come from pieces of bike chain. My awesome bike tech asked if I wanted my old chain when I had some work done. I said "Yeah, I would love to make jewelry from it." He then looked at the chain and said "How about I do you one better. I will give you my leftover chain pieces and recycle this." Deal. So I have been making jewelry from the links and pieces. It takes a few special tools but I think it's worth it. So far I have made about six pairs of earring and a bracelet. I have a necklace in the works as well.

This has been an amazing way for me to recycle, be creative, and walk aways with some fun and unique items. The next time you're ready to throw something out or donate it, stop and think what it's second life might be.


Mike said...

Your Mechanic here... They turned out great!

Tali said...


Vera said...

Wow! They all came out superb.

I bet that you had loads of fun.

Thanks for linking back to my blog. :-)

Tali said...

Thanks and thanks so much for the great idea! :)