May 10, 2010

Car Free Cupcake's Favorite Items

I have been doing my best to bike commute and use public transportation for the last year or so. When Pemba Serves began their Car Free Me initiative  I looked back at my post titled "Back in the Saddle" written in Spring of 2009 and realized I am still using all the items I mentioned to make bike commuting easier, but I have added a few more. 

Mountain Hardwear's Transition Super Power Jacket

When I bought this jacket I thought it might be too light for Spring commuting but I was wrong. I should have know that Mountain Hardwear's windstopper technology would keep me warm with minimal bulk. The jacket fits close but not too tight and features light reflective details (great for bike commuting) and THUMB HOLES!!! Perfect for keeping my hands warm during cooler rides without impeding my ability to shift and break. Priced at $140 it is a worthwhile investment. Available in Men's and Women's.

Arm Warmers

Honestly I had never thought of arm warmers beyond an interesting emo fashion trend until I realized I wanted to wear sleeveless and short sleeve tops but didn't want my arms to freeze during the warm-up period. While I could throw on a jacket there are times it is too warm and shedding the cumbersome layer quickly is not easy. Then I realized arm warmers were the answer. I started out making my own funky arm warmers out of argyle knee-high socks I never wear. Then I was lucky enough to bid on pair of Naturally Bamboo arm warmers at a silent auction. They're soft yet durable and once again have THUMB HOLES!!!! They've only got a few more pairs in stock so shop quick. Otherwise there are other excellent arm warmers available just check your local outdoor outfitter.


While biking is one of the gentler cardio activities you can do it's not always easy on the body. Knees, shoulders, arms, and legs all get sore. I began using Arnica cream years ago for other pain and once I get off my bike I put a little on my know trouble areas and I am able to ride again the next day without pain. Arnica also works for Saddle soreness. You may want to skip this part if you're faint of heart or uncomfortable talking about the nether regions.  There was one day shortly after I began my regular bike commuting adventures that I went to get on my bike and OUCH!  I hadn't been fitted for a proper seat yet and I don't wear bike shorts since I only commute 10-20 miles roundtrip. I had to forgo the bike that day but when I got to work I realized I had my arnica cream and thought, heck why not. I used the cream in the "saddle area" being careful not to touch delicate tissues and by the next morning I was fine. I couldn't believe it. I am not a doctor and if you try this it is at your own risk however it's made my bike commuting life much happier.

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