May 9, 2010

Crafty Cupcake: Making Pants from an Old T-Shirt

I have been on pretty big crafty kick lately and on Mother's Day it seemed like a wonderful day to sew. My grandmother was my strongest maternal figure and she taught me how to sew. Though she passed a few years ago I always feel closer to her when I am sewing. While playing on the internet I happened to come across an interesting idea for sewing pants from a old t-shirt.

I thought this might be an answer for recycling all those over-sized concert T's from my youth. However I wanted to test the pattern out first so I went to the thrift store and found a men's XL T-Shirt. I am a size 8 in most women's pants and a fairly curvy 8 at that. The XL shirt was almost too big. In men's t-shirts I could easily go with a Large.

Overall I really like this pattern but the waist band didn't quite turn out as I would like. I hoped to use these pants for yoga but the waist band doesn't quite fit as secure as I would like (I attribute this mostly to my curves, not a pattern flaw). I am going to keep playing with this pattern and will report back. In the mean time if you like to sew and recycle and want very comfortable pants for lounging, or even running errands around town, give it a go.

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