March 24, 2011

Return to Innocence

This is a Cassette Tape, circa 1987
When I was 11 I bought my first tape, yes I said tape - see example to the right. While I had music as gifts and hand me downs before, this tape was the first I felt worthy of my allowance and put down a whole $8.49 for it. It was The Best of OMD.

This week, I was finally able to see OMD in concert. When they were popular I was too young to go without a parental escort but too old to find that acceptable. It was an amazing evening. Not only did they sound as good as they ever did but they really loved it. You could see they loved being with the crowd. Also,you didn't have any of those weird "concert versions" of songs that bands invent to amuse themselves after touring too long. The songs were familiar and pure.

Music has a very special way of invoking memories and while at the concert I had a huge wave of feeling wash over me. A memory of a time when things were truly more simple. Before broken hearts, before partying and alcohol, before making poor decisions with real consequences. For a moment I was saddened. I questioned my life, my potential and how it might have been wasted. Then I remembered my life is actually pretty damn awesome. I may have taken a rocky path to get where I am but I stayed the course and made the journey. In a way, I have reclaimed that lost innocence with a willingness to try new things and keep a beginner's mind. Is it easy? No. Is it worth it? Yes.

I invite you to get out your tapes, CDs, albums. Use those sacred memories to fuel your next journey, rather than tie you to your past.

While you may know Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark for their hit song "If You Leave" featured in the movie "Pretty in Pink" they offer a lot more, here's a small selection.


SuzRocks said...

My very first CD was Janet Jackson. The one where she was pretty much naked on the cover. My second was Ace of Base.

Sometimes, I actually listen to the ace of base....

And I would totally go to a concert.

Lisa said...

I bought my very first album with my $5 allowance at Gettlin Records on 5th Street in Philly. It was the Monkees Greatest Hits. I warped that sucker. :)

My very first concert was Duran Duran on their Hungry Like the Wolf Tour.

Fun stuff!