March 4, 2011

Two More Reasons to Love prAna

For awhile now prAna has been one of my favorite brands. I love their clothing for climbing, yoga, and everyday life. I love their yoga mats too. In addition to the quality of their clothing and appeal of their design I love that they've always supported intiatives I believe in. This Spring, prAna has rolled out two more initiatives that make me smile ear-to-ear.

Packaging Simplicity
The first intiative is reform in their packaging for shipping. The traditonal wrapping of each individual item in a poly bag will be reduced by about one third. Those garments that are suitable will be folded and tied. It is nice to see that company who values giving back to the community and earth are looking at their processes and making changes to represent their values.

Available in Three Colors
The second bit of prAna news worth sharing is the new Soul T. As one of the first participants in the new Fair Trade Apparel Category, PrAna began working with the Liberian Women's Sewing Project to not only create a new piece of apparel but to reach a little farther. The Liberian Women's Sewing Project is in accordance with the Fair Trade principles:
  • Fair price to farmers for their goods
  • Fair labor conditions and wages for farm and factory workers
  • Direct market access eliminating unnecessary middlemen
  • Democratic and transparent organizations
  • Community development
  • Environmental sustainability

I had an opportunity to sample the shirt first hand and I love it. It is well-crafted, the colors are vibrant and fun, it fits great and it washes well. It also makes me smile when I wear it. To know it was crafted in an environment where women are empowered and in roles outside of the norm for their community, it warms my heart.

To learn more about the partnership check out this video from prAna.

Can on Tee Intiate Global Change?


Nielle said...

I went into a prana store and loved everything but it was too expensive.

Tali said...

I can understand that for some prAna is expensive. I have every prAna item I have ever bought. The only time an item had a hole or needed repair was because I fell off my bike at high speed and ripped it.I consider my apparel an investment because of my activities.

Also, when a company represents your values and beliefs it's worth more for me than saving money and supporting child labor or sweatshop style labor or inferior craftsmanship.

prAna said...

Thanks for a very nice post and we are glad that our products and philosophy resonate with you!

Jill said...

Prana's products can be a tad pricey... but when they're on sale, I'm always drawn to them. Got a pair of yoga pants that I really adore.