August 23, 2011

Blessings from Twitter

I was tidying up around home last night and in the last week had received three new books in the mail. As I took a moment stacking them, trying to decide in which order to read them I became a little overwhelmed with emotion. As cheesy as it sounds Twitter has done a lot to open up my life.I met my best friends on twitter, have made huge connections, and even consult on using social networking in the yoga and wellness industry now. I have been touched in so many ways and this small stack of books is proof.

The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment by Isabel Losada
This came from the awesome Meredith Le Blanc, @meredithleblanc aka the Pondering Yogi. The only way I can describe Meredith is as a Kindred Spirit. She and I both share a passion for animals, yoga, and yoga books. She has sent me two of her books so far and I have sent her one. She is one of the ring leaders of the Yoga Online Book Club (#YOBC) on Twitter and always a joy to see online. I feel blessed to know her. 

The Handbag and Wellies Yoga Club by Lucy Edge 
I first learned of Lucy Edge via Twitter. Her first book, "Yoga School Dropout", was a hit with all the yoga folks and has been one of the best yoga books I have read. It was one of the few non-textbooks I read during my yoga teacher training and helped me stay true to myself and my path. Even better, Lucy engages with people on Twitter (@yogadropout).  It's rare that you get a chance to talk with an author and while many have a presence on twitter, they don't often interact. Lucy is a real gem.

Ravenous by Dayna Macy
This book signifies my connection to my friend Jessica Durivage, @whereismyguru, co-host of the online radio show "Where is my Guru". When Jessica moved to Denver she happened to be in a class where my teacher mentioned my twitter name and blog. Jessica and I were already connected on twitter and she followed up with a message to me. Since then we have collaborated on business, hung out at Wanderlust, practiced yoga, and had the most amazing mac and cheese together. A few weeks ago I called into her show to talk to Dayna Macy, the guest of the day, and won a copy of the book Ravenous. Just another literary symbol of a special connection.

This morning I am thankful for Twitter. I am thankful for the exposure I gain to all these new people and amazing books. I am grateful for these friendships that continue to grow and blossom. I am grateful.


Meredith LeBlanc said...

T, I bow to you, thank you. It's been wonderful sharing a connection with you. Twitter is a strange & cool place that I am very grateful for, and you too!


Sondra said...

I share your appreciation for the yogi connections I have made on Twitter as well, it has expanded my kula in ways I never thought of. I happen to blog about some lovely yogi tweeps yesterday ---you probably know them ;-). Compassion, empathy, soulfullness and understanding know no race creed color or orientation.
I am hoping to join in that bookclub next summer after many things have cleared off my plate, perfect for pool and beach season!