October 27, 2011

"How are you participating in your well-being?" ~ Kris Carr

Maybe you've heard of Kris Carr and her "Crazy Sexy..." book series or visited her website, Crazy Sexy Life. She is a New York Times Best-Seller author, a motivational speaker, and wellness coach.
In 2011 she visited my friends at Wanderlust Vermont speaking in their awesome Speakeasy Series.

You may know of Wanderlust as a haven for yoga and music but it's so much more. It's a sanctuary for wellness and their Speakeasy series highlights wellness and engagement. Luckily if you missed the festivals you still can be a part of the Speakeasy series. This video featuring Kris Carr is the first to be released from the 2011 schedule. Visit their YouTube channel here to see more videos from the festivals and keep an eye out for upcoming Speakeasy videos.

Health isn't the absence of disease, it's the presence of vitality" ~ Kris Carr

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