November 10, 2011

Manifesting in the Modern World: aka Creating Virtual Vision Boards

Yesterday I purchased a website domain for a project that I hope comes to fruition in a few years. I joked with a friend that buying the domain was my way of manifesting the project into existence. The truth is  I am laying the ground work, putting in the time and work, and will make it happen. Yet, knowing that url, that blank canvas is there just waiting to be developed gives me an area of focus. I realized it's like a vision board in it's own way. That lead me to it possible to have a vision board in the virtual world?

For those of you not in the know, a vision board is usually crafted by hand. You take inspirational quotes, images, ideas, goals and put them into one place. As you can imagine it is a fun but messy project. For those not into glue sticks or push pins, then perhaps the Virtual Vision Board is for you. It also allows you to take it with you for travel, it's always there for you.

I used Pinterest to create my latest Vision Board (above). Pinterest allows you to "pin" images you find online and add text to them. I then took a screen capture, cropped the image, and saved it to use as the background on my computer and tablet. Now, it is always there. I see it every time I start the computer or alternate between programs. (You could take a picture of a hand-crafted Vision Board as well and apply the same concept).

If you want something more private you could consider using Evernote to create your Vision Board. While it takes a little more work with Evernote to pool the images in an attractive way it is possible. You can also include more robust content, quotes, images, and ideas. I used Evernote to manage my writing, my home work and also have a section for "Inspiration". Each of my notes in the Inspiration can evolve into class themes or written work easily.

 Another option, is Digital Dreamboard. This is currently a free service, donations are accepted. It is private and visually appealing. It's not as easy as Pinterest or Evernote but for some it is a good option. Another option is to create a collage in your favorite photo/image editor program.

I still love my tangible cut and pin Vision Board. However, I am a digital gal, and I find the Virtual Board easier to update, and always right there. After all Vision Board is only useful if you can look at it.  

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Kate said...

Oooh! I love this! I make collage style vision boards, but like the idea of doing the virtual kind. Haven't played with Pinterest yet, there's only so much time I can lose to the internet LOL! But may try it out (or the other site) to make a vision board.