April 20, 2012

Review: Mountain Mama's Tali Wrap

It's fun being a muse...yes, the name of this wrap is no coincidence, it's the Tali Wrap. While I am not expecting, or postpartum, and I probably won't have a baby any time soon, I love this piece! If you're not familiar with Mountain Mama you must check them out. They specialize in casual and active maternity clothing. One of the most amazing things about Mountain Mama is how there clothes work well whether you're pregnant or not. The quality of the fabric and their ability to retain shape, color, and their "new look" is great!

The Tali Wrap comes in two colors, classic black and cadette (a greyish blue). It is a wonderful length, covers the booty and lays quite nicely. The wrap closes easily, tying on the inside and one button on the outside, but it also feels very nice and comfy when wearing it open.

My two favorite features are the functional hood and thumb holes! So many times pieces that drape beautifully have hoods that are floppy or fall down, this hood is soft but structured. The sleeves are nice and long and the fabric is so soft and cozy. The thumb holes make the sleeves feel even more comfy.

As a non-pregnant woman this is one of my favorite pieces to wear for running errands, going to yoga, even hiking in mild weather. It had a bit of flair so you can wear it out and about but also maintains that snuggly element you want in a wrap. I can see how it would easily fit nicely with a growing baby belly and work very nicely for breastfeeding as well.

Check out the whole Mountain Mama line for products that grow with your pregnancy (or pre/post pregnancy) and are excellently crafted investments for your wardrobe.


climbing chip said...

I'm glad you like their clothes. Last year I bought two shirts for climbing turns out they were really short weren't even close to covering my baby bump :( I was constantly pulling them down. The only thing that saved me was the fact that maternity pants come so high! Haha

T.D. said...

Thanks, muse! Just a quick reply to the comment above. Yep, you're right, our shirts did run small in the first collection! The fabric was so stretchy that if it did not "rest" for a looong time before cutting, it would end up too small. oops! We've since axed that fabric and have a 24-hour fabric rest rule. Hope you have a chance to try our latest stuff!
Founder, Mountain Mama

Haley @ Climb Run Lift Mom said...

That does look so cute! Good to know it's functional and flattering for those of us not expecting too :)

Tali said...

Thanks Teresa for responding to that!!!