May 17, 2009

Yoga + Martial Arts + Meditation = Budokon:
Cameron Shayne - Budokon for Beginners

I love Yoga. Back in the day when Tae Bo was so popular I enjoyed those Tapes (yeah they were tapes then). When I became the owner of Gaiam's Cameron Shayne - Budokon for Beginnersat the Gear and Cheer Auction I thought this could be fun and I am happy to say it's been a welcome addition to my yoga and fitness routine.

Cameron Shayne developed Budokon combining his skills as a second degree black belt and experience with yoga. The Budokon techniques are rooted in Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga practices and from Okinawan Karate-Do, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, and Olympic Style Tae Kwon Do. Shayne has a calm and empowering presence in the video. His style allows for clear verbal and visual instruction while maintaining focus on the breath.

The DVD is structured in three parts: Yoga, Martial Arts Poses, and Meditation. The yoga routine should be manageable for most. The poses are fairly common and held for shorter periods of time than some yoga styles require. The Martial Arts section is a combination of kicks and punches that focus on form and figure, and then short guided meditation. The full program runs about 40 minutes and I feel a very unique sense of peace and vigor upon completion.

If you are new to yoga or martial arts or just like to know what to expect I recommend viewing the "Poses" section prior to trying the routine your first time. If you need to reference the Poses while in the Full Workout mode you can easily select the pose title when it appears on the screen. Once you become more familiar with the poses you can move to the Short routine. This moves at a faster pace and involves less instruction.

The video, available at Amazon for $12.99, has been a great way for me to add a little oomph to my yoga routine. I have never been the type who would attend Martial Arts classes but I like the way the Budokon poses challenge my body in a new way. I recommend this for anyone who wants to try yoga but thinks it will be too slow paced or for anyone practicing yoga who would like to add a zesty new element.

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