June 2, 2009

Almost Au Naturel

Recently I asked the question on Twitter, "What is your favorite deodorant/antiperspirant for an active lifestyle?" since my Dove Antiperspirant hasn't been towing the line so to speak. Most of the responses were for Deodorant and for all natural formats. After such interesting feedback I gave three a whirl and was over all pleasantly surprised with the results.

Brand:Kiss My Face Liquid Rock
How it works: Neautralizes body acids
Pros: Unscented, effective
Cons: The Roll-On was a bit messy at times. Needed reapplication on more active days.
Overall: I would use this as a daily deodorant. I always thought the rock formulas were a cruel joke played on Whole Foods shoppers but it really does work.

Brand: Jason's Tea Tree Deodorant Stick
How it works: Tea Tree Oil is antibacterial supposed to stop odor from starting.
Pros: The package is pretty
Cons: Burns on application, needed to reapply 4 times in one day
Overall: This one failed me big time. So glad I didn't wear it on a date. It didn't withstand climbing or biking and I am not very sweaty lady.

Brand: Burt's Bees Herbal Deodorant
How it works: Herbal blend of sage, lemon and lavendar neutralize odors.
Pros: Love the spray-on formula, nice scent, effective
Cons: For some the con could be the scent because herbal is not for everybody, also required reapplication on more active days, wait to apply after shaving as it can sting a bit
Overall: I would also use this on a daily basis. The fine mist application was really a favorite for me and I like the scent. It is strong at first but dissapates over time.


Jodi Mardesich said...

Jason's failed me too. Is the liquid rock liquid, or a rock? because the rock kind didn't work for me either. I'll give the other a try. thanks!!

Tali said...

I had the same experience with the actual crystal but the liquid rock works for me.