June 9, 2009

Wednesday Playlist: You Call That A Love Song?

First I apologize for posting two playlists back to back. I try to include some other content between lists but...this week got away from me. The plus side is I have some great product reviews and other posts in the works.

So this week's playlist is another compilation from some great suggestions from Twitter and Facebook friends. The idea was inspired by TheClimberGirl. While I don't remember how it came up the concept of unusual or untraditional love songs brought up a lot of fun and unique amorous songs. Feel the love.

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MissMandaMae said...

"Wrecking Hotel Rooms" by MXPX is totally the bees knees. You have no idea how much my Wednesday enjoyment level has been increased by your playlists. Thanks dear! :)

Tali said...

Awww, thank you. That is so nice.