June 29, 2009

Don't Let the Name Fool You: Mountain Hardwear is Perfect for an Urban Adventure

I ride my bike about 85 miles a week. Not a ton but it's my primary mode of transportation. Bike commuting wouldn't be possible without good versatile durable clothing. In addition to riding I need clothing that fits into my casual work environment, allows me movement to climb on an indoor bouldering lunch break, and moves with me throughout yoga. That is why I love my new items from Mountain Hardwear.

I love my Petra pant for so many reasons. While the fabric is light and moves easily it doesn't feel flimsy. The pants feell durable and well made. The zip thigh pocket is perfect for my keys or a little money and the slash pockets are nice and deep (important when hiking or riding for security). Another great feature is the adjustable tabs in the waist, allowing a little more room for sizing. As a woman who's body fluctuates I really love this element.

The top I adore is the Duration Tank. I love the Pale Orchid color, it's very flattering and goes well with black (very important to the Cupcake). My favorite part of this top is that it feels like I am wearing nothing! The fabric is so light and breezy I feel very free and cool even in the warmest temperatures. The wicking properties keep me dry and it has antimicrobial finish, which is a fancy way of saying it controls odors. In a perfect world I wouldn't worry about such a thing but an active girl will eventually perspire. It's nice to know this top has my back in the odor control department.

With a name like Mountain Hardwear one might feel you need to hit the hills to don this apparel. The reality is it's perfect for anyone who's looking for strong, fun, attractive clothing to take them from the Farmer's Market to Yoga in one comfortable outfit.

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icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

85 miles a week seems like an awful lot to me. I mean, you say, "not a ton" which leads me to believe that there are plenty of people out there who ride their bikes 400 miles a week...

On average I walk about 14 miles a week (not counting the little steps you take every day to run around the house or grocery store... just in transportation) and I feel good about that. Sometimes it's more though.

When I was in NJ last week I noticed that I felt very sedentary. City life forces me to get up and move, whereas suburban life depends on cars... Last week gave me a huge appreciation for my life here.