August 25, 2009

Wednesday Playlist:
The Realtionship Life Cycle

I recently had a break up and a good friend suggested I make a "break-up songs" playlist. At first I thought "Not a bad idea" but then I realized that's not me. I don't dwell on the bad elements in life. I like balance and without dark there wouldn't be light.

This list includes a lot of guilty pleasure songs so I hope it's not too much cheese for you all. However knowing my audience, I know you love the guilty pleasure songs too. So enjoy, rock out, and remember all endings are really beginnings in disguise.

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Candy Smith said...

Thanks for sharing this. Many of these songs are on my guilty pleasure relationship mix too!

Nielle said...

some GREAT tunes in there and I LOVE that Buffy made the list :) you are made of awesome.

daisie981 said...

Love the playlist as usual! Like the idea of the whole "life cycle" of the relationship idea.