December 7, 2009

Review: Mountain Hardwear's Mistral Jacket

Mistral Jacket

When the weather began to cool I knew I needed a new piece of outerwear for my bike commute, outdoor adventures, and every day life. I wanted something that had room for a couple under layers but wasn't bulky and it had to be wind resistant. After a bit of research online and hitting the real life store I selected the Mountain Hardwear Mistral Jacket.

The Mistral had everything I was looking for. It is a close fit without being tight and it keeps out the wind. The zipper pockets are roomy and have a nice soft lining for warming my hands. The sleeve pocket is also helpful for keeping lip balm, ID, and other small items. What sealed the deal is the incredibly soft fleece. I feel like I am wrapped in a blanket however the articulated sleeves and women's cut also allow for full range of motion.

Now unfortunately our temperatures have dropped below freezing this last week. I was worried that my Mistral would have to go into the closet for a bit in lieu of my Columbia Bugaboo 3-in-1. While the Bugaboo has served me well the fleece inner layer is white which tends to show wear quickly and it also feels bulky. I feel like the little brother in The Christmas Story when I wear it (click here for a visual aid). Then I realized my Mistral is compatible to zip in to the Bugaboo or any other Trifecta System compatible shell. I love it even more now!

The Mistral is a great jacket that can take you year round. From the cool nights of summer to the cold temps of winter (paired with the right shell) the Mistral is a great all around jacket.


Tom said...

Looks great, but why does outdoors-y clothing have to be so freaking expensive??? I about gagged on my power bar when I saw the price! I get so depressed when I start shopping for bike clothes!

Tali said...

It can be disheartening. I actually bought mine when it was on sale for $90. I would have paid full price but the discount was nice. For outwear I don't mind the prices as much because they're items I wear frequently and tend to hold up well. However when buying base layers and other items that have to be washed between uses, then the pricing really is daunting.