December 27, 2009

Is Resolution a Dirty Word?

In the past few years I have come to dislike the word 'Resolution'. Basically a resolution is just a declaration of one's determination to do or not do something. Common examples are to Quit Smoking and Start Exercising however when we make it a "Resolution" we often give up after one or two slips. The word resolution seems to have an 'all or nothing' feel to it.

So this year I invite you to set Goals and Intentions. Keep them small, simple, and set realistic time lines. Whatever your goals are step back and make sure that you're setting yourself up to succeed. Is it too much too soon? Is it a goal you truly want for yourself or is it being determined by an external pressure? Are you giving yourself enough time to take a few steps back and then move forward again?

I have various goals for this year but there are two that I will share.

First Goal: Play my guitar. I was teaching myself for awhile and then it got tucked in the corner. I love playing and teaching myself however if I don't use it someone else can. I don't have to be rock star and I don't have to share my playing with anyone else. However if I am not using the lovely instrument I have then it's time to let someone else. My intention is to practice playing 3-4 times a week. The goal is if I haven't learned one simple song (right now I am thinking Untouchable Face by Ani Di Franco) by the end of March then I will sell or donate the guitar.

Second Goal: Complete my first duathlon. I have made it easy on myself and picked a mini-du out for this coming May. I don't need to beat any time goals but I have to finish and I have to enjoy it. Part of enjoying the race will be training properly for it, after all injury or drudging through isn't fun. Registration opens in January and I will register and set my intention to complete this goal.

So that's my two cents. Whether you choose to use the word resolution, goal, or intention keep in mind they should all be reasonable, they should be achievable, and they should be important and personal for you.

Love Each Day.


Tom said...

Good advice. Yes, I hate the "R" word, too.

So, I gather you are teaching yourself to play guitar? What do you use for that? My daughter is wanting to learn guitar and I'm waffling between private lessons, group lessons, and some kind of do-it-yourself lessons.

Tali said...

Hey Tom,
I am using the Girl's Guitar Method Complete. It is a book with an accompanying DVD. It feels a little silly as an adult but it's great for girls. I would say invest the $15 in the book/dvd. If she seems to need more one on one instruction you can always go from there.

Aleya said...

Well said! I write my list every year, and though I say "resolution" they are really goals I have set. :)

lori said...

i was just having a similar conversation with someone the other day! new years resolutions often seen negative, like the one you suggested: to quit smoking. why not consider something that you are excited about?! thanks talissa for sharing your goals and intentions and being an inspiration!

Tali said...

Thanks Lori such good insight you have!