July 19, 2010

But I....

I weigh too much. It's too embarrassing. I am too old. I just can't...

I have been thinking a lot about the excuses I hear and give when it comes to living an active life. While this blog post was moving around in my brain similar  thoughts were in the minds of two women I admire. The first post comes from Amy, an incredible woman and life coach. In her post "Excuses", she guides you on how to identify what types of excuses you're giving, how many are valid, and how to develop a strategy to get through the invalid excuses.

So I can hear the excuse for this now..."What if I don't do it right?" or "I don't believe I can motivate myself". Well then check out how Katie, at Adventure-Inspired Tales, used Amy's model and put it all out there. She's a brave girl, and I know you're brave enough to do it too. Confront yourself and your excuses!

If you need a little more motivation, check out these great stories of inspiration.

I can't do it alone

A few of these stories came courtesy of Michele Flamer's amazing, inspirational, emails and posts as the leader of the 30 Day Challenge on Facebook. So if your excuse is "I can't do it alone" check out the group and you will find safety and success in numbers!

I'm too big and too heavy

At 501 pounds Scott Cutshall was told he would die in six months. Click here to learn how he went from barely being able to move to biking as a lifestyle.

I'm too old

It's true once you reach a certain age you may no longer be eligible to be a professional athlete (though don't tell that to Mara Yamuchi who began her professional running career at 30). However age shouldn't and won't stop you from trying something new and having FUN! I love this piece on beginning kayaking after age 50. It has some great information on getting started that can be translated to other sports and activities.

I haven't done anything like this...it could be embarrassing.

Yes, when trying something new or pushing yourself to the next level you will be outside your comfort zone. You won't know everything and you will make mistakes. Some of them will be embarrassing mistakes but you're not alone and if you're able to laugh at yourself it can be character building. Check out these stories from Runner's World.

But I...I..I just can't

 If you really believe that watch this video. The amazing story of a man who runs for his son who can't.


qwbsumimpp said...
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Linda Moffitt said...

Love it. After my children were born I wante dmy prebaby body back and to get out of the house, I started Flying Trapeze and took up hula hooping.. Really anyone can hoop at any age and size. Best of all you can do it while watching tv and its fun!! I even started a stay at home business with it. sweetshoppehoops.com