August 10, 2010

Supporting the Girls Without Spending a Fortune: Three Great Sports Bras under $30

I wear sports bras all the time. Seriously, about six days a week. So I need to have quite a few on hand unless I want to be doing laundry constantly or be the gross girl who wears a sweaty sports bra over and over again. However, just like regular bras, sports bras can be pricey. The good thing is you don't have to spend a fortune for quality.

You may have heard of Champion Athletic Wear from their C9 line featured at Target or from their performance apparel and sponsorship of the Expedition Hanesbrand team and their summit of Mt. Everest.

I have been a Champion fan for a long time because they're priced affordability while providing the features I need namely support, wicking, and of course fun colors. Check out my three favorites.

The Basic
C9 by Champion Seamless Racerback Bra- $16.99

This is a great bra for every day wear. I commute by bike, run, and do yoga in this bra and it works for everything. Each season it's available in new fun colors or the basics. It provides my C-cup girls with good support without mashing them. It's nice to maintain a girlish figure while still getting the support I need. This bra is available at Target and while available online in black and white you can find more festive colors in the store.

A Little Something Extra
Champion Shape T-Back Sports Bra - $29.99

If there is sexy in the world of sports bras this would be it. The bra is a little lower cut so be prepared to show a little cleavage. It also features molded cups that add more shaping to it. This is the bra I choose when I am hitting yoga or the gym in the morning and then out to lunch in the afternoon. I don't feel like I am wearing a sports bra with this one.

The All-in-One
Champion Seamless Empire Long Top With Built In Sports Bra - $19.99

First a little disclaimer this bra top lists at $36 however I have always found it about $29.99 and it's currently available at the Champion Website for $19.99. I love this top for the simplicity and empire waist design. It is fitted enough that you don't feel like you're wearing a tent but lets you breathe. Great for those days when skin-tight doesn't feel like an option.

Next time your out shopping for athletic apparel keep Champion in mind. In addition the the bras shown above and other athletic apparel a new line of cold weather training gear will be available in September for both men and women that was inspired by Expedition Hanesbrands. Some of these very pieces were actually worn on the summit of Mt. Everest. The new line includes base layers, hard shell and soft shell pieces. They will be available in select stores: Sports Authority, Modells and on so keep an eye out.


Laurel Fan said...

I used to have one of the first, but I've converted to wool. The ibex sports bra is a little pricey at $50 but it's worth it for me, especially for cool/wet weather hiking -- I can sweat like a pig on the way up and not freeze on the way down.

Tali said...

Yes, there are definitely some great perks to the more expensive bras and for certain taks and ocassions they're very necessary. For day-to-day these bras seem to keep me covered (no pun intended).

Katie said...

I'm partial to the Target sportsbras with the thinner straps, but otherwise I totally agree. Two reasons: I'm a small-ish girl and the girls are small as well, so I'm more comfortable in the smaller-strap version. Also, I'm long-torsoed, which means the regular C9 sportsbras tend to ride up...the adjustability of the smaller straps is super important for me.
Anyways. Just my two cents...and I'm with you on the sportsbras at least 6 days a week thing. ;)