August 27, 2010

The Cupcake's Big Adventure:
My First Merrell Oyster Urban Adventure Race!

About a year ago I completed in my first 5K and it was a lot of fun. Since then I haven't fallen in love with running but I have fallen in love with the motivation and excitement that comes with training for a race; It gives you direction and a goal. This year the goal was bigger and better! With my fellow team mates Lynn and Mary we registered as Team Cupcake Mafia for the Merrell Oyster Urban Adventure Race!

Prior to the actual race my team trained on their own, did a little reconnaissance and planning, and a lot of fundraising! We managed to raise $2600 for the local chapter of The Make a Wish Foundation. We were recognized as one of two top teams in fundraising and Lynn was recognized as one of two top individual fundraisers. Special thanks to all our donors!

Once race day arrived the fundraising efforts came in quite handy as we earned two course clues. I am not going to divulge the race details since there are still races happening all over the country but I will say the first clue was vital in me spending less time on a bus with a bag over my head.

Through out the course of the day I realized how important it is to pick a good team during your race. Luckily, Not only did I have a good team I had an AMAZING team. It is important to not only work with people you like but that have the same goals as you and are in similar physical shape (though I think my team mates exceeded me here). You don't want to be with someone who doesn't care if you finish the race if finishing is your main goal or to be pushed by someone who considers anything less than 1st place a failure if you're just happy to be there.

Out of 11 teams finishing our Women's Full Course Division we took fourth place. Not too shabby for our first year and for a course that veteran racers have considered their toughest yet. We had a lot of laughs, a lot of energy and awesome shirts! We covered about 34 miles throughout out Denver on foot, bike and using public transportation. We saw some amazing parts of Denver, visited areas that were off our beaten paths, and competed in challenges where we excelled and some that were out of our comfort zone.

I am so thankful for a great day with Lynn and Mary as well as our great transitions team (Phil, Joe, and Monica). I learned a lot about myself both in training and through the actual race and I am so delighted my team is ready to go back for more next year!!!!


Kevin said...

Sounds like a blast Tali and congratulations on great finish but most especially, congratulations on some amazing fund raising!

Tali said...

Thank you!!!!

Nicho said...

Ooh, congratulations! I'm still after one of those tees.. :) Would you be able to say any more about the kinds of challenges you had to complete? I know you don't want to provide spoilers but I'd love to hear more about that. [still chuckling over the iPhone kegel app, btw!] @triplewicky

Tali said...

Let's see, what can I say without giving too much away:

We had to find a few objects and take pictures with them.

We had to go to the amusement park and complete a few rides.

Visit the Pepsi Center and do a task there.

We had to eat my favorite food without our hands in order to find a hidden object.

A few tasks required us to have some athletic ability (beyond running and biking).

We even got to play a few bar games :) If you want the full details just shoot me an email at and I will tell you all about it ;-)

Emily June Salberg said...

Awesome blog, Tali! Team Cupcake Mafia was definitely a favorite :) Can't wait to see how you ladies do next year!

Oyster Racing Series Staffer - Emily

Nielle said...

you simply rock.
that is all.

Tali said...

Thank you Nielle!!!!

Stacey said...

I would love to do something like this one day. It sounds like so much fun! Merrell is one of my favorite brands, so that makes it even sweeter. Congrats on your team's results!

I just came across your blog today. I enjoyed reading your posts and added the feed to my google reader.

Tali said...

Thanks Stacey! I am glad you enjoined the blog and appreciate the add to your reader feed :)

Stacey said...

Would it be alright if I added a link to your blog on my site? Don't want to step on any toes, but I think some of my friends would enjoy reading your posts as well.

Tali said...

I would love that Stacey. Thank you! Looking over your blog it looks like my readers would enjoy yours as well. May I link to it?

Stacey said...

Of course! Thank you.