August 20, 2010

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way
How King Sooper's Got My Business Back

I think if you're going to blog about a bad experience you have to blog about the good ones as well. About a month ago I wrote about a bad experience with King Soopers, more commonly known as Kroger in other parts of the country.

To sum it up I went in to the store the next day after being short-changed. I asked for the manager and got the Head Cashier and she didn't care. She made no effort to make this experience better, in a nutshell she just shrugged and told me she didn't care.

I had one fellow blogger, Jordan, comment
"So wait, you're complaining about a business that's following standard procedures over money? It's your own fault for not having checked over your receipt and the cash given back to you.

Any business is going to tell you this and to play the victim here is absolutely ridiculous. I'd shrug over you too if I were "C."

Next time you should learn to check your items/receipt before you leave the store."

The reality is yes, I should have checked my money at the time but it really wasn't about the $10, it was about the way it was handled. Having been in retail management I have never read a policy and procedure manual that says "Tell the customer they're flat out wrong, shrug and walk away". I sent my information to King Soopers and got a call back from the store manager. She assured me that contrary to what Jordan indicated in her comment, this was not their policy or standard procedure and the Head Cashier was completely out of line in her actions.

I talked with the store manager for awhile and she let me know that particular employee was no longer at this location and then she did the simplest thing. She asked
Tali, What can I do to get your business back?
It was seriously that simple. I let her know taking the time to let me know the employee was in the wrong and not representing the organization appropriately meant a lot to me. That asking for me to give them another try felt personal and good.

So I will try again, and now I feel like I have someone I can go to directly with my questions or concerns. It feels like a community grocery store again, not just some big box where I deposit my money, take my goods, and go.

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