December 29, 2010

"2010: Just Keep Swimming" Meet "2011: The Next Level"

2010 has been a very incredible year. I competed in my first adventure race, began yoga teacher training, served on the Board of Directors for The Women's Wilderness Insitute, had three great trips to Albquerque to spend time with wonderful friends, and made my first trip to Outdoor Retailer Summer Market for more amazing times with great friends.

Unfortunately, it was also a scary and sad year. In April my dad was hospitalized with pneumonia and a pulmonary embolism. I am in my thirties and while I know it's possible to lose a parent at any time, that was a firm reminder that it can happen any time. Luckily my dad pulled through but there were a few rough months following while he got his strength back.

Then as you may know, this last October I lost Murphy. My sweet Pomeranian was my best friend of 11 years, and truly the loss rocked my world.  My eating habits went to Hades, my exercise routine was sporadic, and my yoga was at about 30% effort than I normally give. I gained about 8lbs. Not good.

So while 2010 was incredible, the setbacks along the way set the tone for the year "Just Keep Swimming". And I did.

Now with 2011 approaching I give it the theme "The Next Level". In this year I will:
  • Complete yoga teacher training.
  • Compete in another adventure race along with a few more races.
  • Improve my cooking and eating habits (I've bought myself a juicer and a food steamer for Christmas in hope of improving my eating habits at home and so far they're helping.)
  • Make bike commuting easier by adding a rack and trunk bag to my bike.
  • Begin teaching yoga.
  • Keep reading and hopefully add more books with the addition of cardio exercise accompanied by books on Mp3.
  • Keep providing a good home for the kitties including the newest edition, Finn. (yeah, I know I sound like a cat lady).
  • Have at least one great adventure away from home (maybe Wanderlust?)

So there my theme for 2011. They're not resolutions. No drastic changes to my life, just kicking things up a bit. What's your theme? What is going to set 2011 apart from 2010?


Sheila said...


I'm getting caught up on your lovely blog and saw this post.

I love the idea of a theme for the new year and I had one in my mind when I created my vision board this year. First, a little back story: The past two years have been some of enormous personal change and growth. I am so glad to be able to say that I now have a very solid foundation. So for this year my them is, Steady As She Goes. No big changes, just steady.

Thanks for sharing your theme with us!


Tali said...

I love it Sheila! Thank you for sharing :)