January 4, 2010

Help Me Find The Best Independent Outdoor Retailers!

In 2010 I would like to start a new series fueled by my readers and. friends. In this series I want to identify the most unique and community oriented Independent Outdoor Retailers.  These shops can be broadbased or specialized. They can have 5 employees or 50. What I am looking for is the independent spirit! The shop that stands the test of time because it's people and mission keep it alive. The place where you go and feel at home.

I find that 2010 is taking on a feeling that it's a year that anything can happen, a feeling of invincibility. I have a feeling these independent retailers have harnessed that energy and make great things happen. I want to learn more.

So I ask that you help me find these great independents. If you have a shop to nominate send me an email at thecupcake@mycupcakemafia.com

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