January 27, 2010

A Year in Reflection, A Year in the Making

I wasn't going to do a new year post. I read a ton of them and they're all great but I didn't feel like I had that much to say. Then I sat back and looked at what the last year has meant to me and how it's helping me challenge myself for 2010. So we'll keep it simple limited to a few observations and goals.

Reflecting on 2009

~I have met amazing people. Through my virutal community on Twitter and in real life I have been blessed to meet some the most inspiring people. These are people who act with integrity, are intelligent, and know how to make every day count. They laugh at themselves and treat others with kindness. They know the meaning of empathy and practice it daily. They are climbers, yogis, scholars, comedians, well the list goes on, but ultimately they are the people who help me look inward and demand more from myself.

~I've had adventures. I have had some great climbing excursions including my amazing visit to Devil's Lake Wisconsin with Chicks Climbing. I have tried out Aerial Dance and discovered my love for the trapeze and Aerial Yoga. I ran my first 5K with friends that I hadn't know six months prior but their wisdom and support made it feel like they had always been there. I moved back into my condo and remembered what it feels like to have a home. I volunteered with The Women's Wilderness Institute  to produce Gear and Cheer 2009 and it's was one heck of a ride.

~I've lost a few things. I lost friends who were either not the people I thought they were or didn't care for me when I was no longer the person they expected. I lost my fear of trying new things because it doesn't matter how "good" I am. All that matters is that I have fun and do my best. I lost my boundaries and self-identity. Not in a way that is negative but I have let down my guard and it's opened my world so much.

Making  2010

~I plan to engage with more of my awesome people. I want to take relationships offline, make more contact and share and learn more. Whether it's Tweet Ups, joining new groups, visiting friends, or just making the time to have coffee one on one I am going to do it.

~I will have more adventures. I signed up for a Mini Duathlon. I am the Event Chair for Gear and Cheer and a member of the Board of Directors for The Women's Wilderness Institute. I want to begin Yoga Teacher Training in the autumn, complete my first adventure race and give Aerial Burlesque a try.

~I want to gain strong friendships, more life experience, and continue to grow and evolve. The only thing stopping me is me.


Nielle said...

You go girl! If you can dream it, you can do it! If someone had told me two years ago I'd be teaching bellydance now I wouldn't have believed them... anything is possible if you really want it :) ~love~

Lisa said...

Now this is the kind of new year post we should all write; no focus on the negative, just a to-do list of the positive. Most excellent.

Darren said...

You're amazing. Thanks for being.