November 22, 2010

Gratitude and Magic

Thanksgiving week is a tough one for me. Three years ago at this time I planned on going to visit my grandmother to celebrate her 90th birthday and the holiday. Instead she suffered a massive stroke and we all gathered to say goodbye.

While the loss still causes my heart to ache I am able to celebrate with memories of how amazing my grandmother was. I am thankful for all she taught me and the magic she brought to my life. So I invite you to enjoy this playlist and find a way to share your gratitude with those still with us and a way to honor those who have passed.

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Nielle said...

I'm thankful for you and your awesome playlists :)

Jodi Mardesich said...

Great playlist. I'm feeling grateful already. xo

Tali said...

Thank you both! You're so sweet.
I am grateful to have you btoh in my life.

Caleb said...

Glad to see you are posting again. Sorry about your grandmother. Glad to see you have the strength to carry on though. On a positive note, a pastor in Texas is celebrating the year anniversary of his seizure on Thanksgiving day. They discovered a cancerous tumor and so far it has gone into remission. It was a truly blessed day for him and his family. Also, glad to hear your grandmother had lived a long, full life.

Tali said...

Thank you Caleb. Miracles and gifts often come in strange packages. It is good that your pastor received one of those unique gifts and is doing well now.