June 22, 2011

108 Beautiful Beads: My review of Tiny Devotions' Malas.

108. It's a sacred number in many cultures and the number of beads found in a mala. Some use them for prayer, some for setting intentions, others for guidance while chanting their private mantra 108 times. No mater how you use them, many will agree, the mala is a powerful object. Not merely a necklace but a tool that brings luck and protects us. 

My newest mala is the Black Onyx Mala from Tiny Devotion. It is a beautiful blend of a Black Onyx Guru bead with Rudraksha seeds and semi-precious gems and pearls. The Black Onyx stone has been thought of to repel negativity and bring the wearer strength and focus. The Rudraksha seeds are known as the eyes or tears of Shiva and bring protective qualities. The combination together definitely does something for my soul. When I wear the mala I feel a spike in my energy and ready to conquer new challenges. 

I find when I meditate with my mala and work through my mantra the beads pass easily yet purposefully through my fingertips. Each bead holding a sacred moment in time for me. The Guru bead always warms with my wear and touch, reminiscent of how your cheeks feels after someone sneaks a kiss. 

The Tiny Devotions malas are beautifully crafted in Canada and arrive in a small silk bag, perfect for gifting. Tiny Devotions as a variety of beautiful malas with sacred stones as well as simpler malas, perfect for men or women who want a little less bling in their prayer beads. 


inspirehealth16 said...

You said newest mala. What others do you have? I have a kiwi jasper and creative catalyst. I love them. Great post.

Tali said...

Thanks Suzanne. That sounds beautiful. I have one that was a gift from my YT upon completion of my 200 hour training and I used to have another that was hematite but it broke.