June 3, 2011

Chakara Love: PrAna's Victoria Top and Lolita Pant

No, not those Chakaras, I am talking about the new technical fabric from prAna. When I first found out that prAna was unveiling a new "technical fabric" I wasn't sure what to expect. While their clothing has always been performance oriented it's been soft and comfortable. Somehow in my mind I equated technical with abrassive textures and uncomfortable compression. I am happy to say prAna surprised me.

The new Chakara fabric is very soft and comfy. The Chakara fabric is available in over a dozen products in the prAna women's collection. I was able to test out two pieces, the Victoria Top and the Lolita Pant.

The Victoria Top arrived in white, a color I don't usually wear, and in a halter top, a style I usually don't practice in. I will be honest, I sat there and stared at it awhile and had to work up the courage to wear it out. I worry about white because of issues like transparency and clumsiness (aka: spilled chai).  I found a bit of bravery and wore the top to Advanced Vinyasa Yoga class and I again was pleasantly surprised the top was very comfortable. I felt quite confident in the white fabric and the style. Through many Downward Dogs and Forward Bends the cupcakes always stayed in place. The halter is sewn, rather than tied and the perfect design for support without that feeling you're being strangled. The top also has a double layer of fabric throughout the bust area, my fears of transparency were dismissed. In addition the fabric performed beautifully, wicking moisture from the skin and drying quickly.

As far as the Lolita Pants, well I will just say it, they made my butt look great! While not the only reason of value that is certainly worth mentioning. The Chakara fabric works beautifully in the pants. While thin and lighter in weight it still allows for a bit of compression.. This creates very nice lines and support. I know a lot of people say you shouldn't care about what you're wearing in yoga, but I think the clothing has to make you feel good. When you're not adjusting your pants or top and just able to feel good, you can focus on the flow.

I love prAna's traditional collection and the new Chakara items are a great addition. They're excellent for times you may need more support and moisture-wicking properties. To check out these and other items in the Chakra Collection visit prAna.com.

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