June 8, 2011

Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

I love, love, LOVE teaching yoga. I have met some amazing students and I love watching their faces light up when a pose is unlocked for the first time. So amazing!

What makes me sad about teaching is how many times I hear "Sorry", "I'm sorry", "I suck at balancing". It breaks my heart that people think that some how not being able to balance on one foot while twisting and lengthening and contracting is something that should be apologized for. Our cells are constantly moving, blood is always moving through our bodies, and being wobbly or trembling is absolutely necessary.

Yoga is not the only place that I have seen this apologetic phenomenon, it happens in climbing too. As we work through a route hands, legs, feet may tremble from time to time. This happens so often that it's been named "Elvis Leg" or "Sewing Machine Leg".

Often times it's easy to think this only happens because we're either new to the activity, scared, or unprepared. Yes, in some cases those are a factor but the wobbling, trembling, shaking place comes to us at all times of life. I have seen veteran climbers tremble and yoga teachers who topple. People tend to shake it off as "they've got something going on". Yeah, maybe they do, maybe you do when you tremble too.

But how about this? How about we don't assume that the "something going on" is bad. How about we welcome the wobble as a sign that our bodies are so excited about our life that we have butterflies all over! After all, nobody ever tells a dog, "Stop wagging your tail, you're too old/mature/experienced to do that!"

I say wag it, shake it, move it, rock it. TAKE BACK THE WOBBLE! It's not a bad thing, it's your beautiful life force at work.


SuzRocks said...

I had to smile, because I know for a fact that if I was doing yoga (which I really suck at), and I fell over, I'd apologize.

I do it all the time- and you're right. I should stop!

Tali said...

Yes ma'am! Stop it! :D

Lisa said...

We're all so afraid people are watching and judging; I've reached the point where I don't apologize (as often!) and think hey, if you're talking about me over your dinner tonight, well, go me! ;)

Tali said...

Excellent Lisa! I love it!