June 23, 2011

Yoginis Love Layers: Me Sheeky's Stevie Skirt!

Stevie Skirt in Jade
Okay, maybe not all yoginis love layers but many that I know do. I think that's one of the reasons I get so many compliments when I wear my Stevie skirt from Me Sheeky. It's such a simple layer but so cute and functional. I also feel a little like a saucy super hero in it.

I chose the Stevie for it's asymmetrical hemline. It looks great with full-length pants and even better with capris. I love how the sizing is true to your regular size, you don't have to size-up because it's an over layer. The fabric is also quite then, but doesn't feel flimsy. The skirt stayed true to original sizing after a trip through the laundry and the color has stayed strong after a few wash cycles.  

The beauty of the skirts from Me Sheeky is the dual purpose. You can easily wear them for fashionista reasons alone. However, the skirt works well in Vinyasa practice. I wore it during a 10 hour day assisting at a teacher training and it fit beautifully the whole time. Even if you're not a yogini the skirt is great to go over bike shorts or for chasing toddlers around a playground.

Even better Me Sheeky is offering my readers a limited time discount! Order between today and July 7th and you'll get 20% off! Just use the code: SHEEKYCUPCAKE at the time of your order! I think once you try them you'll be hooked. I can't wait to get another!


Lisa said...

I was just looking at the ad for these. I've started wearing my yoga pants more often but would like to give them a bit of spice. I'll have to take a better look at them. Great review!

Tali said...

Thanks Lisa! I really like how easily the skirt transforms the pants. I live in my yoga pants so it's such a great way to not feel like I am wearing the same ol' thing.