March 30, 2009

Are you a dirty boy or girl?
Product Review and Contest: Rocket Shower

I love lunch time workouts, camping, going out to eat after a good hike or climb, and cycling when possible. What I don't love is being sweaty and self conscious that I may not smell so pleasant. Like many of my outdoor and fitness loving friends I was relying on baby wipes when I couldn't get a shower in but they just didn't really cut it and left my skin feeling coated. Then I remembered a product I read about awhile ago, Rocket Shower.

The History
Rocket Shower was developed by Linda DuPriest, an amazing bicycle advocate who has served on the International Mountain Bicycling Board of Directors, worked with Specialized, and coordinated bicycling and pedestrian efforts for the city of Austin Texas. DuPriest, an inductee to the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, was commuting daily to offices without shower facilities when Rocket Shower was born. Tested with various outdoor enthusiasts the product has proven useful for all types of activities.

The Product
So what makes Rocket Shower different than soap and water or baby wipes? The content and the delivery. Rocket Shower is made from simple ingredients including witch hazel, a small amount of alcohol, citrus, mint, and vitamin E. The product is deliver via a spray pump in a fine mist and cools the body while helping evaporate sweat quickly and killing the bacteria that leads to odor. After spraying Rocket Shower on simply wipe off with a dry or damp towel.

The Review
I did a three fold test of the product: light work out, a day without showering, and post workout. The first time I tried it was post yoga. While I don't get sweaty I get warm. It cooled me off quickly and I liked the pleasant smell. Later in the week I woke up late for work, no time for a shower. I gave myself a spray down and wiped off with a towel and I felt great. The scent woke me up a bit and I didn't feel self conscious all day. Then the real test. After an 45 minute bike ride I definitely worked up a sweat. My first instinct was to hop in the shower but then I opted for the Rocket Shower again. It worked, plain and simple. I felt clean and didn't have a residue on my skin. It dried quick and I was ready to go meet a friend. I am keeping the travel size in my bag from now on. I love the ease of use and that I can use a washcloth and not have wipes to throw away and affect the environment.

Where to Buy It
Rocket Shower is available on their website in various sizes and bundles. You can also get their MicroNet towel if you purchase the Jet Pack. If you want instant gratification check out the Dealer Locator, which includes a few other online partners if you want to bundle your purchase with other shopping.

The Contest
Have you ever been dirty? Really dirty? Desperate to be clean? Email me a story of a time when Rocket Shower would have made your day and I will pick a winner from all the stories. Naturally, I will post the winning story here to share with everyone, but I may also post some of the better runners-up as well. If you want to remain anonymous, please let me know in your email as well as changing the names in your story to protect the guilty!

The winner will receive a full size bottle of Rocket Shower. I will also choose a random winner from all the submissions and that person will receive a travel size bottle. Deadline is Saturday, April 4 at 5:00pm MT.


Nielle said...

I really hate being dirty, so no, I've never been really dirty (but I was disappointed this blog wasn't about something else :) hahaha.
but seriously. probably just 2nd-day-of-camping-dirty is the dirtiest I've ever been and it makes me grumpy!

AMH615 said...

I could have used this this past weekend. We went camping at a NASCAR race. It was $5 a shower, which can add up quickly. I could have taken one less if I'd had Rocket Shower. Maybe next time!

Kerri said...

During the breast cancer 3 day walk in Boston this would have been quite handy. 100 degrees, 90% humidity. 60 miles in 3 days of this leaves someone feeling a little less than fresh. Walking up main roads during rush hour kicked up a lot of dirt onto the sweaty bodies of us walkers. The port-o-potties were so hot that it made the 100 degrees feel like air conditioning. When we got back to camp the first day we had to wait an hour for a shower. It was not a pretty scene. This would have helped greatly at our pit stops. We wouldn't have had that "not so fresh feeling" as much during the day.

Katie said...

I am terrible at waking up on time, and I only wash my hair every other day. On a regular basis, I wake up too late to do ANYTHING except rub some baby powder in my hair and hope no one gets too close. :)