March 2, 2009

Cupcake Wobbles But She Doesn't Fall Down
(or My review of "Yoga for Climbers")

The skinny, I enjoy this DVD. I love the way it's laid out with a section on meditation, breathing, and then two 28-minute sessions. Session I is for climbing days and Session II for non-climbing days. So tonight I did Session II. The music is mild and not distracting, the direction is clear, the pace is good and the supplemental climbing footage helped me stay focused on the goal.

My only disclaimer is this may not be right for everyone. I have been doing yoga casually for a few years and in the last four months been stepping it up with daily poses and private instruction once a week. If I had no prior knowledge of yoga, this video would be a little intense.

This Session contained a lot of balancing poses like Half Moon and Warrior III. If you're new to yoga or need a little assistance have a chair or yoga block and strap available to help you through the poses. I suggest reviewing Poses menu for the session prior to diving in. You can get acquainted with the poses at your own pace.

Overall I am happy with my purchase for $24.95 I've added another element to my weekely routine. I would recommend it to any climber who wants a quick yoga routine they can incorporate into their training.

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Cupcake in Downward Dog Artist: Snailwing

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George Sudarkoff said...

Thanks for the review, Tali!