March 3, 2009

Gear On The Brain

So the last few days it seems like gear talk is in the air. It started on my birthday when I got a REI giftcard from my cousin (she knows me so well). So then the decision was easy. I was going to get another six pack of quickdraws so I have twelve. I originally bought the Omega Pacific Dirtbag Draws. They're budget friendly for someone just getting into Sport Climbing and the reviews and comments from other climbers have been good.

Then the REI dividend arrive with a 20% off member coupon. So that doubled my budget and the coupon makes that go even further. So initially I was thinking step it up to the Black Diamond 6-pack of draws. They're light and having some of each would get me acclimated to using different draws.

Then it all went to Hades when I read's posts on gear this week. Now I am thinking I need more layers, possibly different approach shoes, and more pink (yeah I am the rarity there).

Then I remembered, gosh I want to do more Geocaching, I really could use a GPS device! Or wait, I could get the less expensive draws and some accessories for my bike, or wait! Yoga accessories!

So as I babble about my gear choices and you're thinking Cupcake, why do I care? Why, because you like to vote! You like to give your opinion and you want to tell me what you would do.


Sanjay Garamesh said...

Geocaching is only for big nerds, so you can write that one off.

Tali said...

LMAO, okay, maybe I am a big nerd because I like it but that comment still cracked me up.

Ryan said...

Hmmm, the weather is warming up so you could probably put off buying layers. Isn't yoga supposed to be minimalistic? Maybe you could kill two birds with 1 stone and get pink quickdraws! Haha. I don't think R.E.I. carries them though so this comment is probably really of no help...

Tali said...

Oooo...they're so pretty! I may have to get them.

Yeah, yoga is minimalistic but I could use a block and a strap.

Hmmm...that sounds kinky.