March 26, 2009

Thankful for Yoga Socks

This week has not been what I planned for training. No climbing, minimal biking, and not even my regular amount of time at the gym. However here and there I have managed to get in more yoga than normal. In the midst of today's snowstorm I was pleased to remember my yoga socks.

There are a lot of yoga socks out there that have little nubs on the bottoms so you don't slide or allow your toes to stick out. However I fell in love with this pattern because it exposes the heel and the toes while keeping the arch of the foot and ankle warm. I plan on making a few more pairs and trying out a lighter cotton yarn for early summer sessions.

An easy pattern for yoga socks can be found at Six Degree Arts. These can be knit in just a few nights and are a great gift for yourself or the yoga lover in your life.


Kerri said...

Super cute and they match your toe nails. I love the coordination. :-)

Wasatch Girl said...

Hmmm... I don't knit, but I sure do want some of these... super cute!
The Cragbaby (Twitter @cragbaby)