April 9, 2009

Cupcake Challenge: Giving Back by Doing the Things You Love

If you've been reading my blog a bit, know me, or follow me on Twitter you know a few things about the Cupcake. I like being active, I like trying new things, and I love volunteering and giving back to causes I believe in.

For those of us who like adventure and to push ourselves physically we always feel compelled to challenge ourselves. So my newest challenge to you is while setting your spring and summer time goals consider a fund raising event in your chosen sport (or a new one)! Sometimes finding out where to start is the toughest hurdle so I have done a little research to get us going.

The HERA Women's Cancer Foundation has a variety of events for outdoor enthusiasts that support their mission to end the loss of life due to ovarian cancer. The events began with the Climb for Life which was brain child of Sean Patrick when she was recovering from her seventh ovarian cancer surgery. Since then the success of the climbing events has lead way to the upcoming Escape from Granogue Mountain Bike Race, and 2009 Run Like a Girl 8K Series.

Want to hit up Yosemite this year? Perhaps consider Climb for a Cause. Over Labor Day weekend this event will include an attempted summit of the Half Dome as well as other fun events. If you participate you'll be raising funds for The Cambodia Project and Guatemalan Dental Relief.

Yet another organization doing amazing things while getting people off the couch is Climb Up So Kids Can Grow Up, which raises money to fight against pediatric AIDS in Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. Participate by doing a climb in your own state this May!

If want to help inner-city urban teens experience the wilderness and love to summit mountains then check out Backpacker Magazine's Summit for Someone and their collection of amazing climbs. The events cover 17 peaks and different levels including women specific climbs and expedition climbs of five days or more.

A organization that has been known for their marathon, half-marathon and triathlon events is The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training. This group is unique in the fact that you are part of a team and train together to work towards the big day. If the idea of running or completing a triathlon doesn't knock your socks off check out their newest expansion into Hiking and Cycling events.

If the above mentioned events make you feel like a fish out of water how about Kayak for a Cause? This group chooses different charities each year and past recipients have included Outward Bound and the Sierra Club. This July's race will be the ninth year with paddlers going from Long Island to Connecticut.

While this is a relatively short list I hope it gets you thinking about your next step and how you can take your love of the outdoors to the next level. If you don't see something in your community or have a specific non-profit group you would like to support consider organizing your own event. Take it from me there is nothing more rewarding then organizing an event when your passion is the driving factor.

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icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

This is a great idea.

I don't know about the sports (yikes!) but there are a number of political causes that I am eager to help with!

(side note- your word verification identification word is "sufferism." Wow!)