April 5, 2009

We Have a Winner!

Thank you everyone who entered the contest. Choosing the winner of the Rocket Shower essay contest was hard! There were so many stories that I could relate to but ultimately I chose one based on a series of unfortunate events. The winning story was submitted by Jen Dennis and is titled A Tale of Dirt:

There have been a lot of occasions when I have been really dirty, and I mean, can't see my clothes because I'm that covered in mud, dirty. And somehow I always seem to be the only one who gets dirty; I think its an occupational hazard spending most of my life outside, but evening on hiking weekends I manage to get my legs covered in mud when everyone else is squeaky clean.

So here's a little story when the rocket shower would have been very useful.

Last year I went on rugby tour to Spain. Typical tour, we were drinking lots and playing the odd bit of rugby, normally in just sports bras and shorts because it was that hot. A lot of the time we didn't wear shoes either (because we were drunk and it seemed like a good idea.... I digress). Towards the end of the tour we got to play in the finals. Great.
The game was going well, the pace was quick and it was hot. Very hot with a hangover. I got the ball and I was making a break for a try, and all of a sudden I fell over on the ONE piece of mud on the entire pitch and got covered in mud. At least, we think it was mud - the ref. did try and tell me it was sewage ( so not).

Post game, so still hot and sweaty, we had to pile back into a coach which had turned into an oven whilst we were playing. So cue more sweat. great!

We got back to the hotel, and our wisdom me and my friends decided to put on our bikinis instead of diving straight into the outside pool. Because we were staying on floor 9 or something we got the lift up... and would you believe it, the lift broke down!!

We were stuck in there for an hour, and by the time we came out we roasted, and sweaty, and smelling of post- rugby work down (and mud).

I could have definitely done with the rocket shower at any time during that day.

The winner of the random drawing was Kerri Pszenny. Kerri's need for Rocket Shower was the result of the 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk. That could be a hot and sweaty situation!

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