April 14, 2009

A Treat from My Tweeps!

I have really enjoyed making playlists to share with my friend, especially my Twitter pals, or Tweeps. I really feel learning about other's music tastes helps me get to know them better (especially my virtual friends). The best way to amplify that learning experience, find out what their guilty pleasure music is.

I define guilty pleasure as the music that makes you rock out, makes you move, makes you smile, but you may not necessarily want to get caught listening to. Now it could be the shame, it could be because your friends are so tired of hearing the same song over and over again, or perhaps it's because you have a signature dance move to go with the song that you don't want to see on Youtube.com.

So here it is the playlist from my Tweeps, with a few of my own thrown in for good measures. Which ones are mine? I'll never tell ;-)

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Kerri said...

This playlist makes me so very happy. Thank you!

Sara Lingafelter said...

Wow, this is like all my favorite songs in one playlist. Does that mean there's something wrong with me?

daisie981 said...

Love the playlist...and I don't feel guilty at all listening to "Genie in a bottle"...ok, maybe a little. But I love it! I may steal some for my spinning playlist today!