February 16, 2009

200 Sit-ups and 100 Push-ups! Can I make it?

While my niece has a little lunch and chills a bit I thought I would share my latest fitness endeavor. I found these programs through a post on The Presurfer and started the program a few weeks ago. Then I got sick so I am back to Day One.

The theory is that by the end of six weeks anyone is capable of being able to do 200 sit-ups and 100 push-ups. The routine isn't crazy, you just build up to it and the physcial benefits of a stronger core and upper body are always a nice perk. I will try to report my progess over the next six weeks and soon I will be hardcore like a PowerPuff Girl.

If you want to check out the programs visit 200 Sit-ups and 100 Push-ups.


Sara, a rock climber girl said...

You can DO it! Just start slow. I got too excited and did two days in a row at max, triggering a rotator cuff OWIE. I've been letting my shoulders rest and doing other exercises until they're a bit stronger... then I'm back on the program, baby!

PS - your avatar makes me drool every time I see it...

Tali K said...

Ouchie! That sounds painful!

I will remember to do a rest day in between. Thanks and good luck on a speedy recovery!