February 18, 2009

Gear and Cheer is around the corner

I have been climbing for about two years now. After my first course with the Women's Wilderness Institute I was hooked. I often wonder if I hadn't learned with their amazing instructors on a perfect day in Boulder Canyon, would I be climbing and drooling over gear today?

Hopefully the answer would be yes, but I know in my heart that something is just different about WWI. This amazing non-profit organization has really perfected the learning experience for women (and girls). They know how to speak to women of all ages, help them find their inner strength, and create an amazing environment that is so magical and rare.

That's why I am now a volunteer with WWI, focusing on the annual Gear and Cheer Silent and Live Auction. If you're in the Boulder/Denver area, mark April 23 on your calendar. The event is held at Rembrandt Yard in Boulder and will have amazing entertainment, wonderful auction items, and is a chance to mingle with other outdoor enthusiasts.

We're always looking for new volunteers and sponsors for the event. If you have time to give contact Lori Mathews, Volunteer Coordinator, at 303-938-9191. If you would like to contribute to the auction we're always looking for gear as well as unique items such as clothing, jewelry, or other goodies. It's a great way to generate publicity for your business as well as give back to a great cause.

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