February 13, 2009

A new blog....

So once upon a time I had various blogs. All very specfic such as my knitting blog, outdoor adventures blog, and pink shirt daily blog. Then I realized it was just too much to keep everything in compartmentalized so now I am just throwing all together.

My first post is to share is this delicious Vegan Mousse recipe I found at Homespun Oasis. Yes, the main ingredient is Avocado and that's a little off putting at first but I made a batch last week and it's delicious. I used quite a bit of agave nectar in mine and ended up eating it right out of the bowl.

If you haven't had a chance check out Homespun Oasis. It's a treasure trove for anyone who loves handmade goods, fun stories, recipes, and lots of giveaways!

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