February 15, 2009

Easy like Sunday morning

I woke up without a voice today. So I put the kettle on, cancelled my plans and plan on doing a few projects around the house that I have been putting off. Which means that hopefully my Ravelry projects will all have pictures up soon. For those who don't know what Ravelry is, it's a site for fiber fiends (knitters and crocheters) to keep track of their projects, find patterns, and find friends. If you think knitting is still a hobby reserved for the blue haired ladies, you may be surprised to find such forum groups as Knitters on Belay (climbers who knit), Tattooed Knitters, and L Word knitters.

Also, for those who are curious. YES, I won at Bingo on Friday night. Even better part of my prize pack were lovely Athena's toys donated by Kerri. If you're not in the know, visit Kerri's Athenas store as she carries everything from bath and body lotions to adult toys for the most daring. We had so much fun and the proceeds from the Denver Cycle Sluts Bingo went to a group called Man Reach, a non profit reaching out to isolated gay men in rural areas.

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